The Plateau

Should I write – or check my Facebook page? Maybe I’ll read instead:  that requires less focus. Better yet I’ll go grab some coffee, then I’ll read and then I’ll finish writing. Now that I think of it – tomorrow would be a much better day for writing, I’ll just relax today. Our reptilian brains […]

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The Sentimental Shoebox

There are too many things we keep around. If you have stuff that you never use, but keep because it has sentimental value – meaning it has some subjective significance – put a cap on how much you allow yourself to have. I personally like the shoebox method: if it doesn’t fit in the box […]

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Focus On The Essentials

 If you are going to do something – do it well. If you are going to trade valuable moments of your life for something you want – make damn sure it’s worth it. Focus on the few things you really want and use the most effective tools to reach your goals. 

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Don’t Ask For Permission

Don’t wait to get your MBA to start a business, don’t hold off on starting a new diet until the new year. Take steps towards what you want now, you do not need permission from others, you don’t need to wait for some arbitrary date to arrive. Why would you? Deep down you know what […]

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