It Was Here a Minute Ago…

We never want something quite as much as after it has been taken away from us. Only then do we feel like we can’t live without it. Even something as small as sugar in our morning coffee. Most of the time we hardly even notice it’s even there – until it isn’t. Why is that?

Have something every day and we become indifferent – we’ve come to expect it. Have it taken away and our whole world is thrown upside down because we’ve gotten into the habit of relying on a specific outcome. Once that is thrown off we now have to be more mindful – no longer on autopilot.

Why do we wait until something is taken away from us before we start to care? Seems like a terrible waste of what little time we have. When reminded of our finite existence our choices begin to prioritize themselves – focusing on that which matters most. When we find our lives absent of goals and aspirations we also find ourselves leading a life that has forgotten how to cherish those little moments. The ones that when compounded reveal a life worth embracing – not just existing in.

At times where I feel the most vulnerable to frustration, I’ve decided to do something that takes me away from that pettiness: to look into the eyes of my one-year-old son. That seemingly little act has the ability to melt away any melodrama that I find myself in. It brings me back to baseline – reminding me of what I value most.

We need these reminders in order for us to stay in line with our values. To live without them is to exist in a time and space that is absent of the needs and wants we find most essential.


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