Focus On The Essentials

Don’t Be A Collector

When I found a few good books at the thrift store, all bets were off – it became a treasure hunt. I always found something. I’d get it home, put it in the bookcase – where it would sit. Sometimes I got around to reading it, sometimes I didn’t.

The mistake I made was getting books I knew little about but had assumed were worth reading. I’d get a few pages – sometimes sentences – in and realize it wasn’t. But I’d still hold onto them. Letting them take up space on my shelves. Serving as a reminder of my impulsiveness.

I became a collector. Buying books I may, or may not, end up reading. Because in that moment the find meant more than the rationale. Instead of doing my research and getting the ones that I knew I’d read and would bring the most value – I opted for instant gratification.

The Essentials Are What Brings The Most Value

When we decide to take part in something, we should know why we are doing it. When it involves a purchase: Do I need this? Does it bring the most value? A hobby: Why am I doing this? Is there something else I’d rather be doing? If the answer is immediately clear – listen to it. If you find yourself debating your intuition then you’re on the wrong track. Go with your gut.

If you are going to do something – do it well. If you are going to trade valuable moments of your life for something you want – make damn sure it’s worth it. Focus on the essentials – what you really want – and use the most effective tools to get you where you want to go.


“Do more and more with less and less until eventually, you can do everything with nothing.”

-R. Buckminster Fuller


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