Seek Meaning – Not Titles

“Its the work that you’re after, not the credit.”

-Seth Godin 

 What comes first? The act or the title of the act? If I was interested in baking bread, would I first say, “I’d like to learn how to make bread.”; or would I say, “I want to become a baker.”? In the first instance we have a general interest, in the second we have a specific framework. The former is the foundation of every great achievement in human history. The Wright Brothers didn’t set out to build an airplane because they wanted to be recognized as inventors. They set out to solve a problem and as a result became known as inventors.

It’s easy to get carried away by the perceived legitimacy that surrounds an official title: Entrepreneur, Inventor, Philosopher, Artist, Engineer, all carry this weight of having an above average status. So we seek to earn one of these titles, cause who wants to be average? But to do so is to work backward. We don’t say we want to be an Inventor, and then try to figure out how to design and engineer something. We start by tinkering, attempting to create solutions and through this process, we become an Inventor. Same thing applies to being an Entrepreneur, Musician, Actor, Stand Up Comedian, Photographer, you name it. Titles are given by others so that the world can better understand what it is that you do. Don’t worry about what you want to be called in the beginning. Focus on what inspires you, the title will come later.


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