Do What Feels Right, Not What Feels Good 

Habits can be a funny thing. On one hand, they can establish effective routines that get you desired results, on the other they can paralyze you, bringing you results you’d prefer not to have. So how do we know when to stick with a routine vs break it? Simple. Ask yourself this, “Am I doing, what I know in my heart to be the right thing?” If you’re not, change course.

If you tell yourself you’re going to go to the gym, but at the last minute back out because it’s easier to stay at home and watch TV, then you’re doing what feels good. It’s not what you really want, you’re just settling for the path of least resistance. A path that will never lead you to where you truly want to go. So next time these feelings arise, think about the long-term, rather than short-term, goals. The latter will make you fulfill you in the moment, the former will make you fulfill you for a lifetime.

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