Don’t Wait, Just Get Started 

I have made the mistake time and time again of overanalyzing what it is that I am supposed to be doing in my life. So much in fact that nothing but stress and discontent results from it. I do this in an attempt to create a template for where I would like to go, so I can rest easy knowing I have a plan and no longer need to worry about not having one. It’s like we do it just to do it, out of obligation. But more important than having a plan, we need to train ourselves to see opportunities. If we are so set on a plan, we may ignore dozens of chances to follow a path that would’ve ultimately led us to where we want to go. Have a plan, have goals,  but be willing to steer off course when something presents itself that you feel is worth while. It may not fit in with your old plan, but it may be the starting point of a new one.


Copyright © 2017 Sky Patterson


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