The Plateau

Should I write – or check my Facebook page? Maybe I’ll read instead:  that requires less focus. Better yet I’ll go grab some coffee, then i’ll read and then I’ll finish writing. Now that I think of it – tomorrow would be a much better day for writing, i’ll just relax today. Our reptillian brains […]

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The Sentimental Shoebox

There are too many things we keep around. If you have stuff that you never use, but keep because it has sentimental value – meaning it has some subjective significance – put a cap on how much you allow yourself to have. I personally like the shoebox method: if it doesn’t fit in the box […]

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Focus On The Essentials

 If you are going to do something – do it well. If you are going to trade valuable moments of your life for something you want – make damn sure it’s worth it. Focus on the few things you really want and use the most effective tools to reach your goals. 

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